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Sinbad the Legend of the Seven Seas

Sinbad and his crews of pirate adventurers are hoping to retire to Fiji, and they discover a treasure that could make that possible - the Book of Peace. But Sinbad's plan to snatch the magic book is complicated when he learns it's on board a ship captained by his longtime friend Proteus. While Sinbad still has his eye on the book, so does the mischievous goddess Eris. Eris snatched the book and framed Sinbad for the crime. Noble Proteus offers to step in for Sinbad and take his punishment, so now the adventurer has ten days to rescue the book from Eris or Proteus will pay with his life. While Sinbad is at first uncertain if he should take on such a dangerous assignment or simply high-tail it to Fiji, someone is on hand to persuade him - Marina, Proteus' lovely but hard-headed fiancée, who has stowed away on Sinbad's ship.

Exercise 1 - Sinbad meets Eris







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