Sinbad meets Eris

Sinbad was trying to steal the Book of Peace, but the sea monster, summoned by the Godness of Discord,  disturbed him. While fighting with this monster, Sinbad was taken under the water, where he met Eris.

Words that may help you to make an exercise:



Listen to the dialogue and fill the gaps

Eris  – The day began with such promise and now look. My sea monster is dead and I still don’t have the Book of Peace. All because of you, Sinbad.

Sinbad – U-huh. And you are?

Eris – Eris, the goddess of Discord. No doubt 1) you've seen my likeness on the temple walls.

Sinbad – You know, they don’t do you justice.

Eris – Uh-huh, now, about my sea monster.

Sinbad – Right. Right. Listen, I’m sorry about that. I don’t suppose 2) a heartfelt apology would do.

Eris – Heartfelt? From you? Sinbad, you don’t have a heart. 3) That's what I like about you. So, I’m going to let you live. But there is just one little thing you have to do. Get the Book of Peace and bring it to me.

Sinbad – Right, Now,  see, that’s a problem for me 4) because I have my own plans for it. Ransom, get rich. You know, “me” stuff…

Eris – You’re not thinking big enough, Sinbad. Steal the Book for ransom and you’ll be rich enough 5) to lounge on an island beach. Steal the Book for me, and you can buy the beach, and the island, and the world.

Sinbad – Mm. You 6) let me live, you make me rich. I retire to paradise. So far, I don’t see a downside. If you keep your word.

Eris – Sinbad, when a goddess gives her word, she’s 7) bound for all eternity.

Sinbad – All right. You’re on.

Eris – I knew, you’d see it my way. So, when you’ve stolen the Book, follow that star 8) beyond the horizon. You’ll find yourself in Tartarus, my Realm of Chaos.

Sinbad – Tartarus. 9) I'll see you there.

Eris – 10) It's a date then. …. So, where were we? Oh, yes. You were holding your breath.

      He’s so cute. And so gullible.

Answers are in yellow print, highlight them to read.

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